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I purchased the tickets online yesterday- and received an email saying that I would receive 2 emails shortly - one of them being the itinerary. I have not received it yet and I have tried emailing the company several times (with no response).

Was I sold valid tickets?

I also took a screen shot of when I clicked "pay now"/confirm. Will I be charged more than this amount? There still isn't any charge on my credit card, although I did receive a confirmation email.

I need to buy a new ticket if this one is not legit, however (like another customer) I really do not want to end up with 2 tickets.

Any help you can provide I would greatly appreciate :)

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Mio, Michigan, United States #13638

Travel Guard is the company that and charge you for Travel Insurance. Their website was built and designed to charge people for Travel Insurance when you do not even elect to choose it. They have ripped off thousands of people and they get monthly checks approximately $20,000 each month.

The owner of is stating I am a discrunted employee and is writing lies about me and his company. I ran their billing department and I know that this company will rip you off left and right, forwards and backwards, they are scam artists. The owner Roni writes Reviews calling himself Samantha and alot of other bogus names as he tries to protect his company and image. If anyone has been ripped off from this man and company please send me an email to randi dot greenberg at yahoo dot com and I will advise you exactly how to stop this man from ripping you off.

I will be more than happy to explain to you exactly how to go about filing a Chargeback which is disputing the Fraud Charge on your credit card. This man Roni, dba Samantha is scared Chiittless as he know my posts are true and his business is in big trouble. When I worked there my last month I had spoken to approximately one hundred people that received error messages on his website, booked elsewhere as they did not think there tickets had went thru, when they did and got charged for two sets of tickets and this company will not be refunding their money. Roni Herskovitz is Fraud and so is,, Travel Services, Arcade Travel, and Interglobe, oh my god so many names. If anyone needs additional information about this Fraud huming imbosil, please contact ARC in Virginia. must be on good behavior with them or else, well Roni, want the plugs pulled again so you cant sell any tickets and have to used Indian Consolidators "Skybird" and Trams Am Travel to book your tickets.

Your Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mio, Michigan, United States #13074

Hi Nicole,

Probably when you booked your tickets online it did not go through which happens alot with this company. Did you call them at their corporate offfice to see if your reservation really went through?

The corporate number is 561-922-5636. I would hate to see you buy new tickets and then have a dupicate set, because this company will not refund your money.

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